July 18, 1988 12:00 PM

>These old movies, in glorious black and white and new to video, offer a change of pace.

THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE Leading the pack is this brilliant thriller about assassination, with Frank Sinatra as an Army major who suspects that the heroic sergeant (Laurence Harvey) he served with in Korea has been programmed by Red agents to kill a U.S. presidential hopeful. Released in 1962, the prophetic Candidate was shelved after JFK was shot. Later, Sinatra, who controlled reissue rights, fought over profit participation. The film was re-released in theaters this year to raves. The video version, beautifully transferred, is a must. (MGM/UA)

THE LAST HURRAH Spencer Tracy shines as a political boss in a 1958 film. (RCA/Columbia)

MR. SKEFFINGTON Bette Davis tears it up as a vain society belle in this 1944 soap opera with 20 minutes of cut footage restored. (MGM/UA)

RICH AND STRANGE Alfred Hitchcock’s 1932 drama of young marrieds dealing with newfound wealth shows the master in fascinating early form. (Select)

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