September 26, 1988 12:00 PM

>UNDERRATED GEM: HIGH SEASON Though it drew rave reviews, this comedy set on the Greek island of Rhodes was a box office loser. The video rental may not fare much better. Let’s face it, the film’s star, Jacqueline Bisset, despite her splendid, sexy performance here, is noted for her long string of movie turkeys. Director Clare Peploe (wife of Last Emperordirector Bernardo Bertolucci) was making her feature debut. Heck, even the video package looks tacky. But pass up this beauty and you’ll miss one of the surprise delights of the movie year. (Nelson)

OVERRATED PIFFLE-PART 1: JEAN DEFLORETTE… Farmer Yves Montand (the film’s one virtue) dams up the water source of hunchback neighbor Gerard Depardieu, setting the stage for a long-winded tale of revenge. (Orion)

…OVERRATED PIFFLE—THE SEQUEL: MANON OF THE SPRING The tale continues as the hunchback’s pretty daughter (Emmanuelle Beart) gives Montand his comeuppance. To be fair, many critics made a fuss over this fool thing. (Orion)

CLASSIC SUSPENSE: SHADOW OF A DOUBT In 1943 Alfred Hitchcock dished out this deliciously nasty chiller about a small-town girl (Teresa Wright) who suspects her charming uncle (Joseph Cotten) is a murderer. (MCA)

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