September 12, 1988 12:00 PM


Four of the five films nominated for 1987’s Best Picture Oscar—Hope and Glory, Fatal Attraction, Moonstruck and The Last Emperor—have already been released on video. Now comes the best. So what if Emperor won? Broadcast News is better. Writer-director James L. Brooks examines the greed and glitz invading the TV news business with fierce wit and intelligence. William Hurt as a pretty-boy anchor, Holly Hunter as a workaholic news producer and Albert Brooks as a camera-shy reporter were robbed of Oscars that went to Wall Street’s Michael Douglas, Moonstruck’s Cher and The Untouchables’ Sean Connery. Watch BN again and see if you don’t agree. (CBS/Fox)

FAILED HITCHCOCK: FRANTIC Harrison Ford’s wife is kidnapped; director Roman Polanski fails to make us care. (Warner)

FAILED SPIELBERG: BATTERIES NOT INCLUDED Another E.T. ripoff, this time from Spielberg’s own production factory. Shame, Steve. (MCA)

A BUNDLE FROM BRITAIN: WITHNAIL AND I Don’t let the title throw you. This dark comedy about two out-of-work actors (Paul McGann and Richard E. Grant) on a disastrous country holiday is a decided treat. (Media)

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