July 04, 1988 12:00 PM

>CHOICE FIREWORKS: FULL METAL JACKET Don’t expect a blast of rah-rah July 4 patriotism from director Stanley Kubrick’s wrenching look at Vietnam. What you can expect, even reduced to video size, is a series of harrowing and haunting images: a drill instructor (Lee Ermey) confronting an overweight recruit (Vincent D’Onofrio) he pushed too hard, a soldier (Matthew Modine) wearing a peace symbol and a helmet with the words “Born to Kill” scrawled across it, a Marine patrol moving through the wreckage of Hue during the 1968 Tet offensive. Platoon (HBO) tries to explain the war; Full Metal Jacket observes. Platoon won the Oscar as Best Picture; Full Metal Jacket, released a year later, did not. Rent both and see if you don’t agree that the Academy chose wrong. (Warner)

SLOW FUSE: SIESTA Ellen Barkin plays a stuntwoman who may be dead. Anyway, we watch her life flash back and forth in a haze of artsy scenes that will make you long for a siesta of your own. (Lorimar)

WET BLANKET: THE COUCH TRIP You might want to curl up for this one too. Dan Aykroyd, in another automatic pilot performance, plays an escaped mental patient turned radio sex therapist. (Orion)

LOVELY LIGHT: HIGH TIDE Judy Davis, an Oscar nominee for A Passage to India, is funny and touching as a backup singer who accidentally finds the daughter she thought she had lost. (Nelson)

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