By Ralph Novak
March 25, 1991 12:00 PM

>HOT BURGHERS: WHITE PALACE Two St. Louisans sizzle in an older woman-younger man affair. Susan Sarandon is the waitress battling sexism, ageism and classism to woo yuppie James Spader. Corny ending aside, you cheer her on. (MCA/Universal)

HAIL TO THEE, BLITHE SPIRIT; FILM THOU NEVER WERT: GHOST Murder victim Patrick Swayze returns to hang out with sweetie Demi Moore. See, we can see and hear him, and medium Whoopi Goldberg sees and hears him, but Demi can’t see or hear him, although … Oh, forget it. Do, however, watch for the amateurishly designed black splotches, like hell’s repo men, claiming the spirits of bad people. (Paramount)