July 09, 1990 12:00 PM

>MOVIE FROM HELL: SHE-DEVIL Does TV comedy stardom assure film success? Ask Red Buttons, Flip Wilson or Henry Winkler. This is sure no big crossover for snarly Roseanne Barr as a betrayed wife outdone by Meryl Streep, a gushy novelist who steals Barr’s husband. Director Susan Seidelman dwells on vomit and dog defecation jokes, making for a truly disgusting project. (Orion)

BOUQUETS!: WAR OF THE ROSES Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner embody soured love (and illusions) in a tale of a married couple waging guerrilla war in a home they once idyllized. Danny DeVito directed, nicely shading writer Michael Leeson’s dark comedy. (CBS/Fox)

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