October 10, 1988 12:00 PM


As these 10 videos from 1978-88 show, Talking Heads have exploited the medium ingeniously. At times—see Stay Up Late, where the band is suspended from wires—the videos seem the collaborative product of Samuel Beckett, Jim Henson and Busby Berkeley. The band’s leader, David Byrne, mixes the videos with bits of interviews with anonymous people. The whimsical, quizzical interviews range from a man who says only, “My brother used to lock me up in a washing machine all the time,” to an aging man who reminisces about his late wife, “The way I’m talking you probably get an idea how much she meant to me.” Among the videos, check Toni Basil’s direction and break-dance choreography of Crosseyed and Painless. Byrne and Melvin Sokolsky directed Love for Sale, and never have commercials been better lampooned. Then there’s the classic image of Byrne in Road to Nowhere (which he and Stephen Johnson directed), standing by the side of a desert highway, wearing a swimsuit and carrying an inner tube. (Warner Reprise, $24.98)

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