May 23, 1988 12:00 PM

>PICK OF THE WEEK: HOPE AND GLORY A comedy about a boy growing up in London during the Blitz? Laughs while bombs are falling? Strange idea. Maybe that partly explains the lagging box office for writer-director John Boorman’s autobiographical gem even after his film won five 1987 Oscar nominations. No excuse for foot-dragging now. Get on that video rental line. A great cast, including Sebastian Rice-Edwards as the boy and Sarah Miles as his mum, brings a fascinating personal history to vivid life. (Nelson)

DUMB FUN: THE RUNNING MAN The year is 2019, the scene is a decimated Los Angeles, and Arnold Schwarzenegger plays a game-show contestant. Don’t worry. The big guy doesn’t have to answer any tough questions; Arn’s category is head-bashing. (Vestron)

JUST DUMB: BABY BOOM Puhleeese. Diane Keaton stutters, mutters and flutters as a career woman who learns the true meaning of life when a baby is dropped on her doorstep. For this some critics went wild and the box office boomed. Cute baby or not, it’s still a la-dee-dud. (CBS/Fox)

SWEDISH SURPRISE: MY LIFE AS A DOG When his mother falls ill, a 12-year-old boy (Anton Glanzelius) is farmed out to relatives. This witty and poignant work, one of the most popular foreign films in years, is available in brown-boxed dubbed or blue-boxed subtitled versions. (Paramount)

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