October 23, 2006 12:00 PM

Big Love: The Complete First Season This remarkable HBO series, renewed for a second season, achieves the goal that seems to be eluding ABC’s Brothers & Sisters. It binds together the splintered strains of American life—piety, politics, money—into one thorny dramatic package. Bill Paxton is a businessman who happens to have three sunny wives and, farther out of town, a seedy, powerfully unscrupulous father-in-law (Harry Dean Stanton) with his own harem and schemes. It gets nasty. Extras: audio commentaries from the stars.

The Book of Daniel This NBC series (here, with a grand total of seven episodes) undeservedly flopped, even though it almost matches Big Love for its messy satiric energy. An Episcopal priest (Aidan Quinn) pops pills and gets pep talks from Jesus.

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