July 25, 2005 12:00 PM

Million Dollar Baby ($39.98)

Movie: Extras:

This year’s Best Picture Oscar winner arrives for the small screen in a bloated three-disc set. Like a cagey ring veteran, director Clint Eastwood lulls viewers with right jabs, as his grizzled manager bonds with headstrong boxer Hilary Swank, before blindsiding us with a knockout left hook in the form of a staggering twist. Extras: Fairly lightweight: two skippable documentaries, a round-table cast interview by sycophantic James Lipton and a CD soundtrack of Eastwood’s tender score. (PG-13)

Bride & Prejudice ($29.99)

Movie: Extras:

Fresh off the giddy Bend It Like Beckham, director Gurinder Chadha returns with this flawed but fun Bollywood take on the Jane Austen classic (with an Indian Elizabeth and an American Darcy). The musical numbers are deliriously vibrant (look for fancy footwork from Lost’s Naveen Andrews) but overlong and hamstrung by disposable lyrics (“life is great/let’s celebrate”). Extras: Chadha, so entertaining in behind-the-scenes footage (she and the crew perform a Bride production number to blow off steam), delivers a disappointingly sedate commentary. She does point out the Bollywood staples she included (opening shot of a religious icon) and left out (gratuitous slow-mo). (PG-13)

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