By People Staff
September 30, 1985 12:00 PM

Joe Piscopo

Strictly as a vocal mimic, Saturday Night Live alum Piscopo is fourth-rate. No matter whom he’s imitating he usually sounds like an amalgam of Burt Lancaster, Lawrence Welk and Ed Sullivan. He has his subjects’ attitudes down so pat, though, that it hardly matters. This bitingly funny album includes his versions of, among others, a dopey David Hartman, a dull Allen Funt (recalling his days on “Candid Radio,” when he planted atomic secrets on the Rosenbergs to see how they’d react) and a grating Andy Rooney. Piscopo’s Frank Sinatra shows up too, as a guest on David Lettermen’s “stupid pet tricks” segment; Sinatra’s dog Carmine specializes in eating glass. On the title track, written by Nate Herman, Piscopo rhapsodizes about his home state (he was born in Passaic). In his Springsteen mode, he sings, “Oh, New Jersey, you’re a woman/No, you’re a little girl/No, a nun with a ruler in each hand/You’re a strict old broad/New Jersey.” The LP is also full of such pleasant surprises as a running gag involving Bill Scott and June Foray doing the voices of Bullwinkle Moose and Rocky the Flying Squirrel, as they did on the old TV series. Though Piscopo can get nasty, it’s a witty kind of nasty; you may want to break the record over your knee but you’ll laugh while doing it. (Columbia)