March 04, 1991 12:00 PM

>DEVICES AND DESIRES Vacationing Scotland Yard inspector Adam Dalgliesh gets back on the case quickly in a P.D. James tale about a serial killer and a slew of intriguing suspects. (Warner)

MY TRAITOR’S HEART A young South African journalist. Rian Malan, whose granduncle helped create apartheid, evokes the personal and political demons he battles in today’s South Africa in a powerful memoir. (Vintage)

VINELAND Thomas Pynchon’s first novel in 17 years mixes paranoia, ambiguity and imagination in a talc of Ninjas, TV and “60s-style hippies in post-Reagan California. (Penguin)

ME AND MY BABY VIEW THE ECLIPSE Love troubles in southern settings dominate this engaging collection of stories by Lee Smith. (Ballantine)

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