By People Staff
April 17, 1989 12:00 PM

>SOLOMON LEVIATHAN’S HUNDRED, AND THIRTY-FIRST TRIP AROUND THE WORLD Alicia Austin’s 16 vividly colored, gentle drawings join sci-fi novelist Ursula Le Guin’s story to create this satisfying journey. It begins as Damon the giraffe and Ophidia the boa set to sea in a skiff, despite Ophidia’s qualms: ” ‘I’ve never made a journey on the sea,’ the giraffe said in a wistful tone. ‘You have never seen a seasick boa constrictor, either,’ Ophidia warns.” Their trip is calm until they’re accidentally swallowed by Solomon the whale as they’re searching for the horizon, but he is wise enough to know the importance of a good, determined quest, and the three continue on together. (Philomel, $13.95)