October 10, 1988 12:00 PM

>PLAY MOZART Let’s hope nobody decides to do a Play Twisted Sister. As it is, this is a clever way to introduce the little prodigies to Wolfgang. The book includes a battery-powered 22-note keyboard, with sheet music excerpts from such works as Don Giovanni and Andante in A-flat Major arranged by musicologist Janet Bunting. Alison Sage’s sprightly biography even faces the issue of whether Mozart’s boyhood works were written by his father and his friend Johann Christian Bach (probably not, is the conclusion). Terry Gabbey’s drawings are attractive and—amazingly—the batteries are included. (Barron’s, $12.95)

HANNAH’S FARM Michael McCurdy’s wood engravings are eye-catching, and his story about a 19th-century New England farm, with its syrup collecting, apple harvest and huddling around the hearth, is charming. A caution: Some of McCurdy’s otherwise innocuous characters have a grotesque, even evil cast to their faces, which might distress younger children. (Holiday House, $12.95)

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