January 30, 1989 12:00 PM

The Burch Sisters

Even if they weren’t such good singers, it would be hard to resist a country sister act where one of the ladies describes herself as “a licensed cosmetologist.” As it happens, Cathy Burch knows from more than just the many nuances of eye shadow and lip gloss. She’s the trio’s lead singer and has a Loretta Lynn-like twang attached to a hearty voice. Cathy, Charlene and Cindy, who were born in Jacksonville, Fla., and raised in Screven, Ga., harmonize heartily. They sound so good, in fact, that the biography notes about their having sung together since they were youngsters in church groups might even be true. With producer Doug Johnson, they rounded up an attractive bunch of songs for their debut album, including the Bob McDill-Paul Harrison standby Old Flame, New Fire. There’s also a clever Hal Coleman-Ken Gibbons breakin’-up tune that will have none of that let’s be friends business, Every Time You Go Outside I Hope It Rains. The Mses. Forester and McCarter are hereby alerted that there’s some new competition in the singing siblings business. (Mercury)

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