By People Staff
January 11, 1982 12:00 PM

In this movie, based on Thomas Berger’s funny novel, John Belushi plays a dull suburban type who comes home from work, eats dinner with his bored wife (Kathryn Walker) and watches television. Then Dan Aykroyd, all bluster and fast-mouth and looking like a ’50s greaser with dyed blond hair, moves in next door with his ravishing wife, Cathy Moriarty. He cons Belushi out of his car, cadges dinner money and the two men have a mud wrestling match. Moriarty accuses Belushi of making a pass at her. Best supporting role in a long time goes to Tim Kazurinsky, who plays a raunchy auto mechanic called in to repair the cars smashed by A&B. And a scene where Belushi turns to arson brings down the house in more ways than one. This is the kind of silly movie that will leave audiences gasping “Gross,” and only Aykroyd-Belushi freaks will mean it as a compliment. (R)