By Tom Gliatto Cynthia Wang Monica Rizzo Liza Hamm
March 30, 2009 12:00 PM

>• Fillion, 38, turns a cop into his muse as thriller writer Rick Castle on the new crime series.

WHY THIS ROLE? I got Desperate Housewives, a great job with great people, but I realized in my real life I was doing the same thing I was doing on TV: sitting around the living room talking! What I want to do in my job is more adventure, more high jinks, more getting away with stuff.

DO YOU READ THRILLERS? I grabbed [some] of James Patterson’s books beforehand, but I read a lot of fantasy.

YOU HAVE FANS FROM SOAP OPERAS TO SCI-FI. But I find that all my fans have one thing in common: excellent taste!