By Chuck Arnold Paul Chi
January 28, 2008 12:00 PM

Pocketful of Sunshine |


There’s nothing on Natasha Bedingfield’s second album that will prove as inescapable as “Unwritten,” her big hit that, as you read this, can probably be heard on a Pantene commercial airing somewhere. But despite some lackluster moments, Pocketful—which, with a different title (N.B.) and some different tracks, was released in the U.K. last April—has enough sunny pop to keep the British singer’s fans beaming. Highlights include “Love Like This,” a sweetly lilting duet with Sean Kingston, and “Freckles,” which, with its empowering message for young women, takes a page out of the “Unwritten” book.

DOWNLOAD THIS: “Happy,” blissful blue-eyed soul