January 11, 1999 12:00 PM

by Mrs. George Jones and Tom Carter

Nothing pleases country music’s male stars more than time with their mates and nightly Bible reading. Or so you might think after reading these interviews with the wives of Garth Brooks, Billy Ray Cyrus, Kenny Rogers, Glen Campbell and a dozen other Nashville stars.

Jones, who has been married for 15 years to the formerly troubled dean of country singers, George Jones, and Carter, a veteran Nashville journalist, seem willing to buy anything their subjects say. After pointing out that Clint Black’s wife, Lisa, is an actress, they add that “the role of wife is her favorite.” They tell us that Sandy Brooks’s first day with Garth “convinced her that he was an extremely sensitive and caring man. She believes the same thing to this day.”

As for Tish Cyrus’s devotion to Billy Ray, “her responses were too rapid, her voice too sensitive, to have been anything but sincere.” There is a strong chapter on singer Ronnie Dunn and his wife, and Nancy Jones tells some good tales about her early days with George. But too often the authors give us little but platitude. (HarperCollins, $24)

Bottom Line: Too much standing by their men, not enough insight

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