April 14, 1980 12:00 PM

by Nancy Reagan with Bill Libby

The author is nothing if not adoring of her husband, Gov. Ronald Reagan, and like him, she’s conservative, traditional and for good, old-fashioned values. Most of them she learned from the aunt who raised her while her mother, Edith Luckett, worked as an actress. Nancy married Reagan in 1952 and ended her own movie career four films later. She reports their life is perfect. They honeymooned in Phoenix with Nancy’s parents, and “Ronnie” always sends a bouquet to his mother-in-law on her daughter’s birthday. One thing Nancy, now 56, can’t stand is to hear Reagan unfairly criticized. When that happens, she repairs to a hot bath, loads it with salts and soaks out her rage. When her husband comes home and finds her there, she says, he knows he’s been skewered. That’s the biggest revelation in the book. (Morrow, $9.95)

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