November 18, 1996 12:00 PM

Myst, the bestselling CD-ROM game ever, enticed over 2 million players into a new genre of computer games. Its elegant logic puzzles, set in a fantasy world of serene gardens and secret rooms, were uniquely engrossing—and uniquely frustrating. Now disgruntled Myst player Peter Bergman, a founder of the Firesign Theatre comedy troupe, is striking back with PYST, the first-ever parody of a CD-ROM. “I couldn’t get out of the library,” Bergman says, referring to one of Myst’s rooms. “I was literally getting p—d off. And that’s when it hit me.” PYST depicts 10 familiar Myst scenes marred with graffiti, a trailer park and—the horror!—a shirtless John Goodman, another Myster manque. The $14.95 disc is fairly low-tech, not to mention lowbrow, but Bergman hopes it will launch a “cyber-vaude-ville” franchise. Next up? Nutscape.

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