July 07, 2003 12:00 PM

Train (Columbia)

After 2001’s double-platinum Drops of Jupiter, which spawned the Grammy-winning title song, Train stays on track for more middle-of-the-road rock with its third CD. While the quartet is still largely indistinguishable from other pop-rock bands such as matchbox twenty and Third Eye Blind, Train delivers the kind of big, catchy choruses and crisp arrangements that sound great blasting from your car stereo, especially if you can tune out hokey lyrics such as “I got dance moves like Patrick Swayze” (on “All American Girl”). Although there is a sameness to some of these cuts, the disc is devoid of real clunkers, and it truly stirs on the tender, acoustic-guitar-driven ballad “I’m About to Come Alive.”

BOTTOM LINE: A smooth ride

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