By Carlos Greer Chuck Arnold and Gillian Telling
Updated March 10, 2014 12:00 PM

Jason Derulo

Beyoncé Knowles FEATURING JAY Z

“Drunk in Love”

I liked it immediately! It’s edgy, and Jay’s verse is one of the best of all time.

“Black Skinhead”

We work out to that record in our rehearsals for my tour. It’s a love-hate relationship because I’m feeling the burn when I hear it, but it gets us pumped up.


“Red Nose”

Jordin [Sparks, his girlfriend] and I both love this, and we can do the whole dance to it!


Any Madonna song takes me back to my mom playing her albums. [Back then] I had no idea what she was [singing] about!


“Dark Horse”

I’m digging the dark horse! It’s a big change for Katy. She’s bringing her lil’ hood vibe to it.


“Dirty Diana”

This song never gets old. But I’ve listened to Michael so much in my life, I have to give myself an MJ limit!