April 15, 1985 12:00 PM

B.B. King

In case anyone has ever doubted it, this video proves that B.B. King is a musician with important friends and the good sense to know that music videos are supposed to be fun. A plug for the sound track of the movie Into the Night, this could easily have become just another dull performance clip. Instead it is a charming chuckle, with B.B. backed by an all-star band of ersatz musicians: Eddie Murphy is a grinning fool at the drums, Jeff Goldblum boogies over by the keyboards, and the synchronized swaying horn section features Michelle Pfeiffer sandwiched between Dan Aykroyd and Steve Martin. This cast, with everyone in matching blue sequin jackets, is a feast for the camera, which somehow still finds time to include shots of a joyously dancing audience. All this, combined with a typical soulful B.B. King blues tune, makes for a big band farce that satisfies.

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