November 22, 1993 12:00 PM

Michael Keaton, Nicole Kidman

Keaton is an executive dying of cancer. His wife, Kidman, is pregnant, and he is videotaping an autobiography for the child. For most of the movie, he and the other actors address the camera directly.

Keaton whines, blames his parents for ruining his life and castigates his doctors for not curing him. As the cancer spreads, he flounders around in search of a miracle, even stooping to seeing a faith healer (Haing S. Ngor).

Keaton controls his tendency to lapse into flippancy. Kidman, in a shockingly flimsy role, is passivity defined. If she were any less gorgeous, she would fade into the scenery. Except for the eventual baby, played by the very cute Colby Sawyer Garabedian, the secondary parts are even more weakly cast. For a movie about cancer that displays some courage and honesty, see Joel Schumacher’s Dying Young. (PG-13)

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