July 27, 2009 12:00 PM

>• The comedian, 48, has what she calls “self-censor deprivation.” Who better to sound off on summer’s biggest stars?

HEIDI AND SPENCER If you’ve incensed Al Roker, you’ve reached a new level of annoying. In all his years on Today, we’ve never seen him lose it, even when he’s in a tornado, and not even he could deal with Speidi.

JENNIFER ANISTON I don’t get the press’s perception of her as a desperate woman. She’s [been with] every hot guy from Brad Pitt to John Mayer. She’s not tragic; she’s amazing!

JON AND KATE They should give it one more try and have eight more kids. Sixteen is a sensible number for them, I think.

LEVI JOHNSTON Mark my words: He’ll be on a reality show by next year. He’s sitting in his igloo right now mulling over his options.

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