and Paul Chi
January 28, 2008 12:00 PM

The 28-year-old singer-songwriter has scored a Top 10 hit with “Love Song,” the first single off her major-label debut, Little Voice.

AQUALUNG, “BREAKING MY HEART” This is one of those songs about being totally ruined by somebody. It’s depressing, but love songs are. Well, they can be. I like the vulnerability of the song. It’s very real.

DAVE MATTHEWS, “STAY OR LEAVE” I like how this touches on the uncertainty that love can bring.

FIONA APPLE, “CRIMINAL” It’s [about] the underbelly of love, that dark side. She really hits it on the head on how messy love can be.

JONI MITCHELL, “A CASE OF YOU” This song is just heartbreaking in how completely you can give yourself to somebody, and how beautiful and sad it can be at the same time. It represents all these emotions.

COLDPLAY, “SEE YOU SOON” It’s just very beautiful. The song’s got a real simple guitar part, and it’s quiet and very sweet.

THE BEATLES, “SOMETHING” Such an awesome melody and lyrics.

JAVIER DUNN, “HOW I LOVE YOU” He’s a band member of mine. This is about love and perseverance.

ANI DiFRANCO, “YOU HAD TIME” She’s a poet, and the way she phrases things in this song is incredible. Totally inspiring.

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