May 09, 2005 12:00 PM

With the 70th anniversary of Elvis Presley’s birth this year, the King is back in the spotlight. We asked celebs to name their most beloved Elvis tune.

ICE CUBE “Don’t Be Cruel.” I like the lyrics.

NATALIE COLE “Love Me Tender.” I used to stick pictures of Elvis under my pillow.

GAVIN DEGRAW “Jailhouse Rock.” Since I grew up in a prison town and my father is a prison guard.

MICHAEL McDONALD “It’s Now or Never.” It think it’s one of the best marriages of artist and song. To me, it represents Elvis at his best.

DAVID DUCHOVNY “Burning Love.” Because it sounds so good.

WILLIAM SHATNER “Blue Suede Shoes.” The idea of blue suede shoes is so ridiculous that you know it had to be a great song subject.

CAMRYN MANHEIM “My Happiness.” That’s the song that Elvis went to Sun Records to record for his mother’s birthday. I play his mother in the CBS miniseries Elvis [airing May 8 and 11].

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