September 08, 2003 12:00 PM

Ashton Kutcher, Tara Reid

Gigli now has competition for the coveted title of worst movie of the summer. Okay, maybe My Boss’s Daughter, an inept comedy directed by David Zucker (BASEketball), isn’t as self-important as Gigli and its stars aren’t as glittery, but a stinker by any name still reeks. Here, current It Boy Kutcher plays a nice guy in Chicago who house-sits his boss’s suburban mansion, hoping to cozy up to his superior’s comely daughter (Reid). Alleged hilarity ensues as moronic mishaps galore occur, including a mouse scampering down Kutcher’s pants and Reid surprising him as he gropes, at their request, the chests of two lady visitors (Carmen Electra and Molly Shannon). “I was just checking these girls for breast cancer,” Kutcher tells Reid.

That’s the kind of line that 14-year-old boys snigger at delightedly and quote to peers as evidence of a film’s high humor quotient. Here’s hoping they’ll grow out of it. (PG-13) BOTTOM LINE: Dumb and dumberer

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