February 16, 2004 12:00 PM

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Some of these reality-show pranksters protest too much.

“I am absolutely hating this,” chums Randi Coy while trying to win $500,000 by convincing her family she’s set on marrying an uncouth guy she barely knows. Imagine what she’ll say when she learns that groom-to-be Steve Williams is really actor Steven Bailey, whose secret agenda is to push Coy and her family past the point of revulsion. “I almost feel a little dirty…doing this to her,” Bailey confides. Money obviously talked louder than their consciences, so spare us the unconvincing qualms.

Presumably the producers wouldn’t want us to feel guilty about enjoying the show’s sole virtue: Bailey’s John Belushi-like gusto as a world-class slob. Coy, supposedly “dying inside,” often looks more amused than appalled.

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