January 18, 1993 12:00 PM

Too Much Joy

Welcome to the rock game show To Yell the Truth. Today our panelists will pick out the real Too Much Joy, a foursome from Searsdale, N.Y. Now let’s hear from our three contestants:

“Hi, we’re Too Much Joy, rowdy garage rockers. We’re about songs like ‘Stay at Home,’ a loud ode to homey Friday nights spent dancing naked with your girlfriend.”

“Hi, we’re Too Much Joy, wacky funsters, the musical equivalent of a joy buzzer. Listen to I Don’t Know,’ a snappy number with lines like ‘I’m ahead of my time—but only by a week.’ ”

“Hi, we’re Too Much Joy, pop craftsmen. Sometimes our music may remind you of Led Zeppelin as in ‘Just Like a Man.’ Sometimes it’s gentle and pretty, like ‘In Perpetuily.’ It always has a nice ’70s-ish hook.”

When it’s time for the real Too Much Joy to stand up, all three take a bow, because this multifaceted album is the band’s best yet. (Giant)

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