January 15, 1990 12:00 PM

>SAMANTHA FOX: THE MUSIC VIDEO COLLECTION Madonna, Madonna, take it off quick. We’re losing the Battle of the Midriff to the British, as the foxy Fox proves with this tape. It’s like a call to one of those 900 numbers, with visuals. The cockney cutie poses seductively and chats about her health regimen, her love of performing, whom she finds sexy (Billy Idol) and her image (she says people love her ample sense of humor, not her sex appeal). She also shimmies through seven videos with titles like “Touch Me” and “Naughty Girls Need Love Too.” The music is dull neo-disco, but you’re not after Sam for her sound, are you? Fess up: It’s her sense of humor that intrigues you. (Jive/RCA)

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