By People Staff
December 04, 1989 12:00 PM


If you want to become king of the hill in the hard-rock game, you have to spend years and years refining your stage act until it hits like a metal truncheon and fulgurates like a fireworks display. Def Leppard has this combination down cold, as this 14-song concert video indicates.

The British quintet has got a mammoth light show that must have Thomas Alva Edison spinning in his grave, along with a batch of bang-bang songs that has kids spinning through the arena turnstiles. (The video’s title comes from their high-tech circular-stage construction, seen here in Atlanta and Denver venues.) They run through all the standard guitar-hero antics, but the music is nimbly executed, particularly by burly lead singer Joe Elliott, who has one of the most penetrating voices in hard rock. Def Leppard isn’t breaking any new ground, but they churn up a lot of the old stuff in workmanlike fashion. (PMV)