By People Staff
October 09, 1989 12:00 PM


Hand it to Genesis. They miss few marketing opportunities. When they do an album, they tour extensively. Then they do a concert video. (The beer commercials fit in somewhere, no doubt profitably.) This video proves again that if you have a record, there’s little point in buying the rest of the package. Genesis concerts are exercises in reproducing hits, note for note—which they’re proficient at thanks to Tony Banks’s spooky-keyboards and Phil Collins’s canny voice. What’s there to see? Collins’s hambone charm might make him an ideal wedding-reception bandleader but it gets old onstage. Even the band’s glitzy light show is dull until midway through this concert, when darkness settles on London’s Wembley Stadium. The now-generic Genesis show, like this two-hour video, needs pruning, Or some genuine enthusiasm. Collins, Banks and guitarist Mike Rutherford are consummate rock professionals, but they can’t disguise their boredom with playing these songs for the 10,000th time in exactly the same way. (Virgin, $19.98)