April 24, 1989 12:00 PM


Even those who don’t usually enjoy Rush may find this 14-song concert video by the Canadian power-pop trio to their liking. The band plays its hits like “Big Money” and “Tom Sawyer” tightly and with a fuller sound than threesomes customarily get. Sharply edited, the video integrates performance footage with computer graphics, film snippets and animation. A Show of Hands also clears up one nagging little semicontroversy. Those who have only heard Rush’s recordings may well have doubted that a voice as high-strung and impossibly zippy as Geddy Lee’s could actually issue from a human throat. Seeing—and hearing at the same time—is believing. And witnessing the hatchet-faced singer screeching out these songs onstage in Birmingham, England, should serve to convince at least some Rush sceptics. (PolyGram)

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