By People Staff
July 11, 1988 12:00 PM


There’s spectacle aplenty, with Madonna performing before 75,000 people in the Turin soccer stadium in September 1987. She chats in Italian, smiles adorably and puts on an unstinting, athletic 100-minute show. There are lots of costume changes; only her footwear stays the same: ankle-high lace-up black boots that look like something George Mikan might have worn in the 1951 NBA playoffs. The concert is, however, musically uninteresting. While Madonna sings all her hits, her voice is dull and tired. Then there’s the staging by Jeffrey Hornaday and choreography by Adolfo (Shabba-Doo) Quinones. Often witty and vivacious, the production also reflects a low-life sense of taste. At one point Madonna flips up her skirt to reveal the word kiss on the back of her panties. One of Quinones’ main dance moves is grabbing his crotch, and Madonna sings Like a Virgin while pretending to seduce a boy, dancer Chris Finch, 14. That kind of stupid vulgarity mars the spirit of the show far more than its musical shortcomings. (Warner Reprise, $29.98)