June 03, 1985 12:00 PM

by G.H. Fleming

Baseball buffs will argue about their game’s greatest stars at the drop of a bat. Few, however, would quibble that the ’27 Yanks was the best team ever fielded. Powered by a season-long Homeric duel between Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig (who hit 60 and 47 respectively), the powerful pinstripers eventually placed five of their regulars plus manager Miller Huggins in the Hall of Fame. Fleming, a Louisiana State University English teacher, chronicles the magnificent season with game-by-game accounts from newspapers of the day. Fleming’s sources are rich: New York’s sportswriters then included Damon Runyon, Grantland Rice and Ford Frick, as well as a young columnist named Ed Sullivan. And the book includes plenty of baseball minutiae. Ruth, for instance, wore chilled cabbage leaves under his cap to keep cool in the field. (Morrow, $19.95)

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