July 24, 1989 12:00 PM

USA (Wed., July 19, 9 P.M. ET)


This two-hour thriller is so cheesy, only a mouse could love it. Before the first minute’s up, we’ve already witnessed a young woman being viciously clubbed by a man with a hammer, then turned into a human torch as her car explodes in flames—and, no, it’s not a musical.

Robert (Spenser: For Hire) Urich stars as a reclusive restaurant owner who, while out jogging in the middle of the night, witnesses the above crime, which triggers amnesia. He can’t remember his name, where he lives or why he took this ridiculous part. Brought in to help him regain his memory so he can identify the attacker is a sexy police psychologist, played by Kay (Rich Man, Poor Man) Lenz. Urich’s treatment includes champagne brunch, a roll in the sack and a hot, steamy shower with Lenz.

Playing a hard-boiled detective investigating the case is Michael (Top Gun) Ironside, who was once married to Lenz and disapproves of her couchside manner. He suspects Urich might be the hammerhead killer. If he is (I’m not saying), he should find the scriptwriter, who isn’t listed in the press credits and is probably in hiding. Although the movie supposedly takes place in New York City, it looks as if it’s set in Toronto, where it was shot. Paul (Prom Night) Lynch directed this forgettable fare.

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