May 08, 1989 12:00 PM

CBS (Tues., May 9, 9 P.M. ET),


Brigitte Nielsen takes off her space suit and underneath, she’s wearing a skimpy, bosom-boosting, brothel-red dress. Okay, so you don’t watch for the acting. You watch out of curiosity, to see this star of Red Sonja, Rocky VI and the gossip pages in her own TV movie. She’s not bad. That’s not to say that she’s good; Nielsen is no more animated than Robert Mitchum. But she can take off her gun belt and make it look shockingly sexy; that takes some talent. Nielsen plays a detective in the year 2015 who’s sent off to investigate a murder in a Soviet-owned, American-operated mine on the moon. “Could you give me a little background?” Nielsen asks a fellow American when she arrives. “Like, who’s dead?” But she digs into the case and immediately dabbles in sexual tension with the Soviet cop assigned to the case (Julian Sands). “If you think sex is boring,” she tells him, “maybe you’re doing it wrong.” Even with lines like that, the flick still isn’t as campy as it should be. But the plot does have a surprising dash of imagination at the end. That and Nielsen’s wardrobe do, at least, make this an amusing TV snack.

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