May 09, 2005 12:00 PM


USA (Mon., May 2, 9 p.m. ET)


Meet ChiefWarrant Officer James Chandler (Lou Diamond Phillips) of the Criminal Investigation Division, United States Army. Chandler is a determined hero with an interesting mixture of strength and vulnerability (although I wish he’d go easy on the chewing gum). I wouldn’t mind seeing him front and center in an Army spinoff of NCIS. But the script and direction of this TV movie don’t pass muster.

Haunted by a past case that left him feeling responsible for a woman’s death, Chandler keeps plugging till he discovers who murdered the wife of a military-police sergeant (Martin Cummins). Along the way he gets a little help from the victim’s brother (Jason Priestley, just going through the motions) and a corporal (Victoria Pratt) who offers sex as well as sleuthing support. There’s a definite shortage of suspense, and the gunplay near the end looks like an unintentionally comic homage to John Woo’s over-the-top action films.

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