August 19, 1985 12:00 PM

by Margaret Truman

In a series of five novels, the former First Daughter has solved fictional murders at the White House, on Capitol Hill, the Supreme Court, the Smithsonian and Embassy Row. Now she has an FBI special agent shot in the heart at the headquarters building while 200 tourists watch. To protect the agency’s image, the agents investigating the case are hoping to pin the killing on someone outside the FBI. Truman’s heroine, a gorgeous American Indian, is having an affair with the agent in charge of the case. Other characters include three suspicious foreigners, the murdered man’s neglected family and a muckraking writer. Truman, however, seems to enjoy listing what her characters eat far more than she does unraveling her plot. And while Americans may believe an FBI agent is capable of murder, will they also want to read that a G-man shows S&M movies to his girlfriend? You’ve gone too far this time, Ms. Truman. (Arbor House, $15.95)

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