By People Staff
July 08, 1996 12:00 PM

Royal Crown Revue

So it turns out that recycling isn’t only a good way to save the planet—it’s also a great way to resuscitate popular music. First there was the Brian Setzer Orchestra, which brought back Big Band swing rock. Then came the similar sounds of the Squirrel Nut Zippers. And now comes the excellent major-label debut of this Los Angeles band that takes ’50s high-school prom music and infuses it with ’90s pep.

“Mugzy’s Move” bebops along to a lively horn section, and the slick crooning of Eddie Nichols adds a touch of class to the proceedings. Whether it’s the finger-popping cover of the classic “Beyond the Sea” or the suave swing of original tunes like “Zip Gun Bop” or “Datin’ with No Dough,” the group has fun with this old genre, as if it were the second coming of Louis Jordan. The ensemble has a contagious enthusiasm that could get devotees of even the mopiest metal out of flannel and into smoking jackets. (Warner Bros.)