November 06, 2006 12:00 PM

Mr. T, now serving as a sort of life coach for slackers on TV Land’s I Pity the Fool, talks about his own pitiless fight against cancer, a T-cell lymphoma diagnosed in 1995.

“I thought I was tough before, but going through this cancer, I suffered, I ached, I cried. My mother always said you don’t want to be around a man that don’t cry. I’ve been through the chemotherapy, the radiation. I have been through all of that. It was hard, the pain, the nausea. But I give hope to other people. Right now my doctor says the cancer’s being controlled. I just came from the hospital—I just had my [bimonthly] cancer checkup. There’s no flare-ups or whatever. We’re doing good. I’m not going to quit.”

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