September 14, 1981 12:00 PM

Slim Whitman

As far as vocal apparatus goes, Slim is no Pavarotti. His trademark, jerking the end of a phrase up a couple of octaves in a semi-yodel, is the stuff parodies are made of. (Joe Flaherty of the SCTV troupe sometimes sounds more like Slim than Whitman does.) But Otis Dewey Whitman, 57, has been a regular on the country charts since his first unlikely hit, Indian Love Call, in 1952. He does have a relaxed, low-key approach, like someone’s Uncle Gus singing a few after he has hoisted a few at a wedding reception. But his reprises here of the old Elvis hit Can’t Help Falling in Love, Jessi Mae Robinson’s I Went to Your Wedding and even Bobby Vinton’s My Melody of Love are feeble echoes of the originals. The rest of the material, especially Oh My Darlin’ (I Love You) by Slim’s son, B.K. Whitman, oozes sappiness. Sorry, Slim; this is a stinkeroo, erooooo, eroo-OOOOO.

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