By People Staff
June 30, 2003 12:00 PM

by George Jacobs

John F. Kennedy did coke? Dean Martin didn’t party? Peter Lawford stiffed prostitutes? These revelations spice up Jacobs’s otherwise bland look at his time as Frank Sinatra’s valet. From 1953 until 1968 (when he got fired for dancing with Mia Farrow, then Mrs. Frank Sinatra), Jacobs saw the debauchery that became Rat Pack legend. There isn’t enough dish, but what there is arrives on White House china: Sinatra wanted JFK elected President because, Jacobs says, “[Joe] Kennedy was a drug dealer of the high known as success and Frank Sinatra was a hardcore addict.” As for other controlled substances, Jacobs says he watched Kennedy take cocaine at Sinatra’s Palm Springs house. “Jack must have seen the shocked look on my face,” Jacobs writes. “‘For my back, George,’ Kennedy said with his bad-boy wink.”

BOTTOM LINE: Recycled Rat Pack crumbs