By People Staff
November 05, 1990 12:00 PM

Edited by S. Gross

Making the movie business seem silly is a gilding-the-dandelion sort of pastime, Hollywood’s ego flights, omni-exploitation and general crassness reaching self-parody levels as often as they do.

But Gross, cartoon editor of National Lampoon, has found 150 or so drawings that tease and excoriate the cinematic subculture, including all its buffs and buffoons, in an original, funny fashion.

Gross draws on material from such cartoonists as Roz Chast, Charles Addams, Gahan Wilson and Mick Stevens and squeezes in a few of his own creations. Much of the book has the tone of Eldon Dedini’s drawing of a bunch of gold-chained, sunglasses-wearing guys sitting around, with one saying, “Hollywood has never dared to deal with such an explosive subject! Except once in 1947, in ’56, and again in ’72.”

If only there were an Oscar for best example of not taking movies too seriously. (Harper Perennial, paper, $8.95)