July 14, 1997 12:00 PM

Let’s face it: The Web sites that studios put up for films—think http://www.speed2-cruisecontrol.com—are about as engrossing as that FBI warning at the beginning of rental flicks. But two new movie sites may actually enhance your viewing experiences: Moviefinder.com, a compilation of listings and reviews of films new and old, and Reel.com, an Internet video sales-and-rental service. Each site provides recommendations—you rate films you’ve seen, and it suggests others. It’s fun, and it works, although Moviefinder’s picks seem more on target. As for Reel’s video service, the postage fees make rentals pricier than at local stores. But you can keep them for a week, and Reel throws in a packet of popcorn, all the ingredients for a film buff’s perfect summer on the couch.

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