December 15, 1986 12:00 PM

by Galen Rowell

Rowell, a photographer and mountaineer, for this volume selected 80 of his favorite images, landscapes photographed in California, Canada, China, Tibet, Pakistan and Nepal. He says this book illustrates how “to make the three-dimensional world come alive within the two dimensions of film.” On the contrary, it is the pictures that seem beyond normal dimensions, sharing elements of design and color with the most innovative abstract art. Dawn on Sentinel Pass Trail has a shocking-red mountain range and orange clouds—bands of glorious color against purple water in the foreground. A climber’s breeches make a brush stroke of bright red in a beige-and-green patterned X in Astroman, East Face of Washington Column, Yosemite, Calif. Another splendid photograph looks like a linoleum floor spattered in browns until the viewer studies the dotted line curving through the middle of Porters in the Braldu Gorge, Pakistan. The text and notes on the pictures provide technical information for photographers, plus tales of adventure in remote, dangerous and beautiful locations. (Sierra Club, $35)

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