January 18, 1982 12:00 PM

Six short stories by noted literary names have been packaged in six handsome little books emphasizing elaborate, full-color illustrations. Voltaire’s The Dog and the Horse has paintings by Keleck that look as if they’re from the Arabian Nights. The Grimms’ How Six Men Got On in the World is done in cartoon style by Lapointe, as is Leo Tolstoy’s The Fool. Hans Christian Andersen’s The Emperor’s Nightingale has elegant Oriental paintings by Lemoine. Mark Twain’s Poor Little Stephen Girard is peopled with stylish 1900 characters by Nicollet, and James Joyce’s The Cat and the Devil has very French drawings by Blachon. These are beautiful books, not really for children, although bright kids might appreciate the art that makes them so singular. (Schocken, $5.95 each)

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