By People Staff
February 19, 1996 12:00 PM

Jack Logan

A mechanic by trade and a blue-collar rocker by night in rural Georgia, Logan got critics and college-radio fans revved with his 42-track 1994 double CD, Bulk. His home-recorded songs possessed a crude, unfiltered sense of structure that didn’t sound as if the music was trying to merely ape the sound of the Next Big Thing out of Athens or some other college-town hot spot. On their followup, Logan and his backing band, Liquor Cabinet, haven’t tinkered too much, other than paring down the songs to a mere 17.

Wielding punk-era power chords and lyrics, Logan creates more of a visceral rush than a prolonged mood. “Well I’m a pretty scary guy, a lot of girls would just pass me by,” Logan sings on the gutbucket guitar cruncher “Chinese Lorraine.” Logan and company may not get high marks for originality, but something’s working here. Listeners should take up the attitude Logan must have towards his day job: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. (Medium Cool/Restless)